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PBNButler’s Agency Partnership

Do you have all the leads for your SEO campaigns, but no one to fulfil it? Maybe you’ve been searching for a service that can fulfil certain parts of your SEO, but haven’t found anyone willing to do a bespoke service affordably? Stop fretting, because we’ve got you covered with our agency partnership program! Offering completely customised solutions that hits all the touchpoints and delivers results for your clients, PBNButler can make this easy for you. Hell, we want to do everything for you! We are the Butler after all.

What is our agency partnership program?

PBNButler’s agency partnership program is where we partner with you to facilitate all your clients’ SEO requirements.

Historically, our business is predicated on recognising a need in the community, and stepping up to fulfil it. This is where the agency partnership program comes in. We recognised that we are already offering all the components of an expert SEO campaign, so why not bring the pieces together to offer a completely tailored and hassle free alternative to the many businesses needing SEO for their clients? Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done!

How can we facilitate this for you?

  • Literally, step by step:
  • We have created standard packages for you to offer clients to bolster their SEO campaigns.
  • From these packages, we adjust them to create a customised solution for every client that we work with.
  • Once you have showcased your tailored proposal to the potential client and signed them on to revolutionise their SEO, the only work left for you to do is to collect payment and their site’s details.
  • Once we’ve received payment and details, we will commence the campaign and issue a baseline report for your reference, as well as the client’s.
  • After the first month (and every month following) of completing the campaign, we deliver a report detailing the progress of their site’s SEO improvements (and suggestions for further improvements).

How have we determined our pricing so that everyone makes money?

All the prices in the proposals are the suggested retail price. To guarantee that we can all make a profit, we meticulously draft every proposal specific to your client’s requirements, offering suggestions throughout and various options for them to select from.

What do the packages typically include?

All packages vary slightly, but across the board they all include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Competition anaylsis
  • On-page analysis
  • On-page/Off-page SEO Optimisation
  • Comprehensive White Labelled Reporting


Additionally, we also offer an array of one-time services, like:

  • Content refresh
  • On-page optimisation
  • Site Speed Optimisation
  • Conversion Tracking Setup


Why us?

  1. We are fulfilling client’s SEO campaigns from all over the world. We already have the man-power and the guarantee of producing excellent SEO results for clients.
  2. We make this completely hassle-free for you. Unlike other agencies, our partnership program is hands-free. Once you bring us the clients, we take the reins to get you great results.
  3. Our prices and packages are fair and sensible, making the services we offer easy to sell.
  4. Packages are as bespoke as you want to make them for clients. From customised templates to automated options, we are willing to work with you to sign every client you are trying to close.

Everything is a go. Now what?

So, let’s say you pitch the proposal to your client, they love it, and they’re ready to get started. What’s next? Following the sell and payment, we wait for the client intake form to be completed (we supply this to guarantee we get everything we need from them) and then create a baseline report for you to send to your client detailing them the main keywords to target, current ranking, traffic to the site, etc.

Within the first ten days of the client coming on board, we send this baseline report off to keep the client informed and demonstrate our commitment to the brand. Also within the first month, we complete the agreed upon on and off page optimisations per the package the client has gone for.

So, what do you have to do?

Basically, nothing. Once the client is turned over to us, you are responsible for sending the clients the monthly reports detailing the success we have made for their site. That’s it!

Stop scratching your head and stressing over who can help you with get started and be successful in the ever-evolving world of SEO. With PBNButler, you can guarantee your customers that their campaigns will go beyond their potential, and you can feel confident that you’re working with a brand that is mutually invested in your success!

We want this to be personal from the start, which is why the managing director of our company, Jonathan Kiekbusch, has opened his calendar up to you to begin your venture with us. To get in touch with him and enquire about the job, speak directly to Jonathan about the program today by scheduling a call with him here.