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Web 2.0’s are a fantastic property to use for buffering your links as well as diversifying anchor texts and adding authority.

Our team of experts will manually build a high quality Web 2.0 property for you including:

  • Full login details
  • Content creation (2 * 500 words + 2 * 250 words unique manually written content)
  • Indexing Guarantee

Web 2.0 Creation


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Details *

Please give us the linking details required for us to create the Web 2.0’s for you.

The Sub Domain Name is the name of your web 2.0. For instance if you select and carpetcleanerslondon as your subdomain your web 2.0 will be

Content Details *

Please select a niche, this will be used to create the filler content for the website. You can be as broad (fitness) or as specific (treadmills) as you want.

Platform *

Please select the platform you would like the web 2.0 to be built on

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